The purpose behind creating a video is engagement. If the video fails to engage and get the intended message across, it’s a waste of time and money for the video creator.

Fortunately, creating professional and engaging videos doesn’t involve rocket science. All you need is a basic sense of human psychology and your target audience, and the skills to utilize the available video production resources in the best manner.

By paying attention to a few key factors you can make your videos engaging as well as professional. 

Be Clear About Your Objectives

Say you hire a media production agency for creating professional videos on your behalf. The first thing they will ask you is your objectives behind this video production. So it’s important to be clear about your objectives.

Your objectives will vary depending on the type of video you are creating. It can be a marketing video, an awareness video, a corporate video for a company introduction, etc.

Once you have your key objectives in mind, you can decide what kind of elements would look appropriate in your video.

Know Your Audience

Know your audiance

While creating any form of content, the key is to understand your audience. They could be teenagers, adults, kids, or people from a certain community, and basically anyone who you want to see your video and take action.

Observe the best YouTube content creators. It’s not just about their video shooting equipment for creating videos for YouTube or their editing team but the topic they choose for every video is highly relevant to their target audience.

So check out platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Facebook groups and see what people are talking about that may fall in your domain. Pay attention to the jargon and tone they use to discuss the subject you are about to cover in your video.

Use Storytelling to Make the Video Interesting

A well-crafted story can turn any mediocre piece of content into something irresistible. Every viral form of content has one thing in common: storytelling.

Video creators all over the world ponder over this aspect for hours before creating and editing their videos. A powerful story has a solid hook followed by a main piece of content evoking certain emotions and eventually leading to a conclusion or CTA.

No matter what your objective is and what kind of video you are creating, you can turn it into an incredible story that human minds will remember forever.

Use Plenty of Light

Have you ever come across a video lacking adequate light? You immediately turned it off because you didn’t like the feel and quality of it. Lighting can make or break your video.

Therefore, all video production services focus on this aspect. Without proper light, you can’t expect your videos to leave a professional and memorable first impression. 

Here are some key points to remember regarding video lighting:

  • Don’t rely on camera lighting
  • Only use lighting on the objects you want the audience to notice
  • Don’t use overhead lighting
  • Use three-point lighting
  • If the sunlight is enough, don’t use artificial lights

Be Comfortable on Camera in a Real-Time Video

A professional video features comfortable, composed, and confident people. One of the key video-making tips is to sit/stand up straight with your shoulders back to stand out as professional and relaxed.

Ideally, you should plan every second of your video with the people who will be part of it. This way there will be no shyness, all the characters will have similar body language, and the overall quality of the video will turn out to be perfect.

Use a Clean Background

Whether you are creating a YouTube video or doing corporate video production, you need a clean background to look more professional. Imagine filming a video for your home interior design tips channel with clutter behind you, would anyone follow you on YouTube?

Having a clean background makes it easier to grasp the core message of the video. As there are no distractions, the viewers can pay full attention and thus find the video more engaging.

You don’t need to spend heavily to create a custom background but even a sleek white wall somewhere in your office or house isn’t a bad place to get started.

Use a Feature-Rich Video Editing Software

Enough of shooting video tips, let’s talk about another important phase i.e. video editing. A video editing tool with advanced features can add soul to lifeless videos by cutting down the boring segments. 

In addition, modern-day video editing tools also let you add new elements including audio to your videos which enhance the quality of an ordinary video. So make sure the tool you are using for video editing gives you the freedom to make changes as per your preferences.

And if you find this work beyond your scope, hire a professional video production agency to shoot, edit, and make your videos appealing to your target audience.